In addition to the extensive training from Pillar To Post, my past experience includes building some homes and also completing many renovation projects. I have owned and operated two retail heating businesses for 9 years specializing in sales and installations of wood and gas burning stoves and fireplaces, furnaces and hot water tanks. I have extensive experience with not only how your home is built from the ground up, but with the way it should function properly and how it should keep you warm on the cold nights. Typically you can find me inspecting various residential homes including condo’s, townhouses, duplex’s, 4 plex’s, multifamily and so many more.

Being very involved with my family and providing a safe and happy home, I understand the importance that a well structured home can bring to your family. With my years as a home inspector and the experience that I have gained through my past, I will provide you with a thorough home inspection and very detailed report.